The Diary

Of RosCo




DECEMBER 20, 2006-ANNUAL WACKY CHRISTMAS TIME GREETINGS!-With the Holidays upon us and another year gone by, let us take time to reflect on the zany adventures of one idiot, his band of merry men and his never ending quest to make a living in music. It appears that the new CD, 'Rectifier' was a bomb as a negative number of the discs sold with many areas of the world returning their copies in exchange for dance lessons and 'save the onions' campaigns. Sir Robert Jackson, who jetted in from near Westminster (CA) to direct RosCo And The Heads in their very first videos, was abducted by unemployed film students who tortured the director until he promised to never waste celluloid on such a useless venture ever again. He relented and now directs porn. Well, ya can't blame the guy, there! The band somehow tricked Wanda Watson and her fantastic band into thinking they were Van Halen and let them jam with them in Tulsa on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in which Uncle RosCo had to buy Kenny and Steven Happy Meals. Dear Miss Wanda was probably thinking to her self, 'Dang! David Lee Roth has REALLY let himself go!' The revived Snapper Fest Rock Festival was a blast as old acquaintances were renewed but the women of nearby Mena, Arkansas still have a contract out on bass dude Steven Ford and the festivities suffered as a result.  The band had to leave early when the theme to 'Deliverance' was heard! Drummer Kenny Puma had his famous tragic circumcision accident and many mistook the misadventure for a weenie roast  that got out of hand. Many fans actually applauded the fact that the incident kept the band off the road and thus peace and harmony was in the air, for a little while. An old friend took pity on the band and hired them to play a bar mitzvah at Max's Garage in Muskogee, Oklahoma but unfortunately the crowd was bored to tears and a blonde karaoke singer with a great body was hired at the last minute to salvage the night. She now has a top ten single! The annual Mid Summer Thunder Biker Rally was a bit of a bummer as it was moved from Eufaula to McAlester this past July and the locals mistook the festivities for a meteorologist convention thus staying away in droves. Guitarist RosCo and bass man Steven Ford took to the giant stage without drummer Kenny Puma who was sidelined due to his tragic circumcision accident, and since there was no crowd, no one jeered the band! How refreshing! All in all, 2006 was not too bad and RosCo And The Heads can't wait to do it all again in 2007. A new CD is being recorded, gigs are being booked, and the BIG PARTY at The Eagles Club in Mena, Arkansas New Years Eve promises to be legendary! Local law enforcement has been advised that the Resin Heads are coming to town, and lawyers have been retained! The band wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and they hope that everybody realizes that nothing is taken seriously in RosCo Land and if you smiled one time this year because of this little ol' journal, then we have accomplished what we set out to do! Keep sending the cards, letters, emails, baby carrots, snack packs, fanny packs, mistletoe, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!   

NOVEMBER 6, 2006-AFTER HALLOWEEN SUGAR RUSH-RosCo And The Heads enjoyed a delightful Halloween by Trick or Treating in the richer neighborhoods of SE Oklahoma (which live some of them thar folks that only go to Wal-Mart the first of the month) and man, did they make a killing! Drum man and all around candy eater Ken Puma received a thirty-five pound sack of various treats including engine gaskets, pine tree air fresheners and soap! He retorted, 'What am I going to do with soap?!' Bass engineer and olive loaf lover Steven Ford fared even better with a pickup bed full of gravel for his ongoing cement pond project! 'All I got to do now is find me some goldfish and BANG! I got breakfast!' Uncle RosCo, undisputed big seater of the band found a restraining order from McDonalds in his jack-o-lantern for too much begging at the back door. 'There goes my dream of getting everyone Happy Meals for Christmas.' sighed a discouraged RosCo.

Meanwhile, the band can't wait to PARTY at Max's Garage in beautiful downtown Muskogee, Oklahoma this Saturday night! The last time The Heads entertained at Max's, they did not get home for three days as the wild women of Muskogee treated the guys to a rip roaring and exhausting good time! The oil changes at Max's are pretty cool, but the women are hotter than hell and crazier than outhouse rats! Come party with RosCo And The Heads Nov. 11 at Max's Garage in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA!

Preproduction is being done on a brand new RosCo And The Heads CD which will hopefully be out by Spring 2007! And New Years Eve 2006 will find The Heads back in Mena, Arkansas partying with the Eagles Club so don't look for us for the first few days of the New Year! Hard to believe that 2006 has gone by so fast, but FUN has a way of doing these things and we still have to get our turkey out of layaway before Thanksgiving! Please keep those cards and letters and g-strings and emails and Les Paul guitars coming and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!

September 11, 2006-WE REMEMBER...RosCo And The Heads will be rocking out finally again at MAX'S GARAGE in beautiful downtown Muskogee, Oklahoma after a four month lay off this Thursday night from 9 to 1! Since it is a school night, the boys will probably play truant the next day and Uncle RosCo has decided to hold an all night vigil at the local Popeye's Fried Chicken, located in the city that Merle Haggard sang about. The show promises to be fun and exciting and bass man Steven Ford has been prepping for the event by practicing his raised eyebrow look that drives the women crazy! Drummer man Kenny Puma has also been practicing his patented 'flexing drummer forearms pose' and guitarist and soon to be retired leader of the band Ross'RosCo'Chronister has been tapping his well of corny jokes for the big show!

Meanwhile, back at The Blue House, the kitties were reminded that safety should be observed at all times even during play. Lefty The Famous Kitty now has to wear an eye patch due to an errant hair ball projected by one of the other felines who will remain unnamed (IT WAS CORNBREAD!) during a spirited game of croquet. Theses cats take their game seriously and they play a bit rough some times, but it is all fun and games until somebody loses an eye or breaks a window. Nevertheless, Lefty The Famous Kitty appears to be more handsome to the females felines in the neighborhood with his eye patch so it would seem to have been to his advantage. Unfortunately, he will always be picked last for the croquet team from now on.

The Rectifier Deluxe CD + DVD Set is now available featuring the June 1 release CD, RECTIFIER, plus the Conventicle Films produced three video DVD, shot in March 2006 and directed by Sir Robert Jackson. Get your copy today before supplies run out!

Kenny Puma, who has been on the disabled list for the last eighteen months, hopes to be able to drum with all his usual ferocity and looks forward to his first show in ninety days. 'I have been running to the refrigerator, lifting weights (one quarter pound each which coincidently, is the weight of a hamburger) stretching, and taking my vitamins so I can be at my best!' says Ken. Thursday night will test the skin beater but he is confident that he will rock the house and have a great time! Keep the faith, remember our hero's, do a little good every now and then, PLEASE buy our CDs, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


July 24, 2006-DRUMMER FOR THE HEADS KENNY PUMA SIDELINED DUE TO TRAGIC CIRCUMCISION ACCIDENT! Ken Puma, drummer and reverb addict for RosCo And The Heads fractured his ankle in what doctors are describing as a 'tragic cooking accident.' It seems our Ken was in the kitchen cooking up a batch of his world famous sardine casserole when he slipped on one of the pesky little fishies and broke his right foot! Profanities were heard within a ten mile radius of the 10th street studios of Hartshorne where the Heads make music and practice other recreatitional activities, little children had to cover their ears, dogs and cats howled, as Kenny proceeded to crash to the tiles breaking a hole in the floor of his residence! A crane was quickly hired to fetch him out of the new cavern and he was rushed to the hospital emergency room where doctors proclaimed him the 'ugliest woman EVER!' Bass man and avid golfer Steven Ford was contacted in Europe where he was fixing to fly in for a Resin Head gig. When told of the news, Steven exclaimed, 'Sardines are of the Devil!' Uncle RosCo, guitarist and smiley underwear wearer for the band was first told the news while en route to a flea market. He commented, 'I hope he saved some sardine casserole for me!'

Unfortunately, this means that the 2006 Summer Tour is canceled for RosCo And The Heads. A replacement was briefly discussed, but no one can whip up a sardine casserole quite like Kenny can! Hundreds of thousands of disappointed fans have taken to the streets, rioting and violence was reported in the Middle East and... Cleveland, emails, cards, letters, and voter registration cards have been arriving at Cemetery Road Studios, and life as we know it will never be the same! Kenny is said to be resting comfortably in a facility near the Scottish border, but the media has reported sightings in Chile, Guam, and Wal-Mart. Rumors abound that this incident is a publicity stunt to drum up sales for RECTIFIER, the June 1 CD release from The Heads that quickly topped the charts on a freighter in the Great Lakes with no other media! Other rumors include a boob job for one or all members of the band, a cover up of the death of one or all members of the band, penile implants, and various other creative and imaginative scenarios!

We wish Kenny a speedy recovery, and RosCo And The Heads will be back so stay tuned! Visit our web site at MY SPACE BY CLICKING HERE! Rock On With RosCo!       


MAY 29, 2006-SUMMER ROCK AND OR ROLL 2006! Finally at last it is time for bikini weather and The Heads cannot wait to grease themselves up and try and fit into their Speedos! Actually the lads have been laboring away putting the finishing touches on their brand spanking new CD, RECTIFIER which will be released June 1 worldwide, well at least in their world anyhoo. Much of the album was recorded in the practice/rehearsal building that the Heads call home, aptly titled Cemetery Road Studios since a cemetery is right down the road! Spooks have been known to pound on the door screaming, 'Turn down that awful racket, can't a ghost rest in a little peace?!' Since the band usually plays at a volume akin to a crashing small jet plane, the requests have gone unheeded and rumor has it that the realm of the dead have declared war on RosCo And The Heads! However, the sight of the lads in their Speedos should frighten anything dead or living away, so the band is not too worried about it! Parts of the album were also recorded at the legendary Blue House where Uncle RosCo and his kitties and the dust bunnies live. The kitties did not mind the noise since they are pretty much deaf anyway, but the dust bunnies rioted a few times and guitarist and nose picker RosCo was run over by a hit man styled waffle iron a few times. Uncle RosCo remained unfazed since he likes frozen waffles best. For some free samples of the new album release, RECTIFIER as well as other home made RosCo And The Heads tunes, CLICK HERE!

The band had a wonderful time at the McIntosh county spring fair in Eufaula, Oklahoma! With impending rain on the way, the lads decided to set up their gear inside one of the fairground buildings which had a sand floor. Essentially, RosCo And The Heads had a gig in the worlds largest indoor kitty litter box! Uncle RosCo was presented with a 'King Of The Electric Dumb People' crown made entirely of multi-colored balloons by the good people of Eufaula! The band rock and or rolled destroying old folk's ear drums and scarring little children for life until one of the balloons 'busted' sending the three members of the band scurrying for cover, thinking that one of the patrons had taken a shot at one of them! When the band stopped playing, applause broke out everywhere and the strains of 'Free At Last' could be heard by many. All in all, the band thought it was the best time that they had enjoyed in quite some time!

This weekend will find RosCo And The Heads partying down at SNAPPER FEST on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border on Highway 63 at Snappy Mac's near Mena, AR. The all day rock and or roll party will feature good pals and fellow ladies underwear enthusiasts WEIRD HAROLD AND THE RUBBER BAND along with RATTSASS and DJ Nathan 'Two Bit' Roth of internet radio iRadio Interactive fame! Drum Lord and Detroit Dude Kenny Puma can't wait to party with the Mena Music Mafia, and he said, ' I have never been to Mena but I bet I like the women!' Super Duper Bass Dude and Puma T-shirt owner Steven Ford commented, 'The last time we were in a Mena, I lost thirty-three dollars and a bottle of Seagram's Seven. Has anyone seen my whiskey?' The gates open at 1pm, the party may last until next year, who knows? Come join the fun!

On a serious note, we remember the hero's on Memorial Day. We sure appreciate ya'll. 

The rest of the summer is filling up fast and Ol' RosCo and his Heads are in the rock and or roll machine and can't wait to come party with ya! Highlights include Mid Summer Thunder V in late July and Zachary's on Eufaula Lake, so keep them cards and pin ups coming, buy our new CD, vote American, ladies keep sending those nudie pix and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!


APRIL 7, 2006-OUR BOYS ARE NOW FILM STARS! RosCo And The Heads had an incredible, wonderful, magical mystery tour of the world of film as they went before the cameras for their first ever videos! Sir Robert Jackson of Conventicle Films, noted film director and fried catfish connoisseur, shot and directed The Heads March 19 at the legendary Liberty Theatre in beautiful Hartshorne, Oklahoma, recording three promotional videos for the songs "Be This Way" "Okie Dokie Okie" and "Thank God For Angels." Editing will take place soon and the film should be ready for public viewing in a couple of months, just in time for the June 2 release of the new RosCo And The Heads CD, "RECTIFIER." Special thanks to the crew for helping out and making the experience a joy. The Heads were a bit worn out as they had partied hard at Taco's My Bar for a St. Paddy's concert, and then the following night as well at Shovelhead Bar & Grill for a gig that lasted until the wee hours! Special thanks to Jerry Earp, owner of The Liberty Theatre for sound  and lights and putting up with them Wacky Resin Heads! DJ Jammin' John Peters of Rock 105 fame has already been playing "Okie Dokie Okie" on his esteemed Boogie Down Blues Show. John is also about to celebrate another anniversary as host of the Boogie Down Blues Show with a Presentation And History Of The Blues April 19 in McAlester, Oklahoma. Jerry Gray and RosCo will be there to pick a couple of acoustic songs for John, so come on and support the blues!

While RosCo and The Heads were jamming up a storm at Shovelhead Bar & Grill, two old friends stopped in and got up on stage and jammed on some Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes! Kevin Long, drummer for Blue Zebra and Jerry Evans, bass man for Blue Zebra took time out of their busy schedule to visit with The Heads and catch up on old times. Kevin reminded RosCo of a certain club in Joplin, Missouri that the old buds had played while in a band together and the mayhem of rock and roll in Big Mo! Too much fun guys, we will have to do it again very soon!

April 9 will find The Heads traveling to Tulsa to jam with the legendary Wanda Watson at The Sports Cage on South Harvard! Wanda used to jam with two old friends of The Heads, String and John Sokolosky back in the day, so they can't wait to go to T-Town and have a ball. Another big plus is there is a Popeye's Fried Chicken on the way to Tulsa, so Uncle RosCo will have to make a pilgrimage! Detroit Drum Dude Kenny Puma wants to go shopping for a new Puma shirt and Bass Godzilla Steven Ford needs to pick out some new cashmere for his German Shepard! April 15 will see the band back at Taco's My Bar for an Easter celebration and since the alumni will be in town in Wilburton, the party is ON at Taco's! Keep sending those emails and easter egg grass, don't forget to set your clocks forward last Sunday, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!    



MARCH 14, 2006-VACATION IS OVER! RosCo And The Heads had a wonderful holiday season with each member eating too much, playing with their new toys, and gaining too much weight! This trio is now billing themselves as the world's smallest quartet! Steven Ford, undisputed bass man and buffalo wing lover got a brand new fog machine! Steve has become so attached to the little bugger, he has started taking a shower with it! Drum Dog and Detroit City Mad Man Kenny Puma got ANOTHER drum set and he has been banging away ever since! His fierce drumming has attracted Indian tribes from all over Oklahoma, sparking battles, rummage sales, skeet shooting, and the occasional chicken dance! Uncle RosCo, liter of the band and tinker toy enthusiast received plenty of presents from Santa, but...he ate them!

Back at The Blue House, the kitties just got back from the neighbors yard after a spirited basketball tournament. How cats play basketball, I'll never know but that is what they say they are doing! It was a rotten New Years as all of the kitties ended up in the jailhouse after getting too rowdy, hopped up on catnip! Since our Uncle RosCo was gigging with the Heads that night up in McAlester and did not get back to The Blue House until sometime in mid-afternoon, the felines were ready to burst when they were finally bailed out! Things have been pretty quiet ever since, but word on the street is that they are planning a bash for the Easter Bunny very soon!

This weekend promises to be a busy one as RosCo And The Heads are rock and or rolling at TACO's MY BAR in Hartshorne Friday night for St. Patrick's Day! Saturday night will find our hero's partying with Nancy and Tank down at SHOVELHEAD BAR & GRILL in McAlester for some After Green shindig! And finally, the coup dee gracie comes on Sunday when the Heads will shoot their first video directed by renown film maverick Sir Robert Jackson of Conventicle Films! Sir Rob, as his friends on the VHML know him, is flying in from California via his VW on his journey to Kentucky to film a documentary and has graciously agreed to get lost in a undisclosed movie set in Okie Land to shoot RosCo And The Heads! No nudity (Thank God!) and no murders (Sir Rob will be restrained) will be just part of the exciting footage that will be used to promote the NEW album, 'RECTIFIER' which will be released sometime in 2006! Thank you Sir Rob, come party with the band this weekend, and ROCK ON WITH ROSCO!