Ross 'RosCo' Chronister has been trying to figure out how to make a living in music for a long time! Not being blessed with blonde hair, blue eyes, a great bod, or a balanced check book has not hindered our hero's dogged attempts to make music. From early cassette recordings to the latest computer programs that RosCo can afford, getting his songs written and recorded are the driving force, and now this web site, created with the help of HTML Challenged Monks who reside in Australia, will further the mad ramblings of one Dumb Okie!

    Guitar and Bass are the two main spring boards in the musical arsenal of Der RosCo, and even though our hero has no idea how to properly play the instruments, the sounds in his head and heart must come out some how, and this is the way it must be! Raised on Southern Gospel, with a respect for Hank Williams, The Beatles, and The Mighty Van Halen, Ol RosCo can't seem to make up his mind on what style he likes, but it just might be all of the above, and then some!

    Born and raised in Oklahoma, RosCo soon became the Village Idiot at a very young age. He sang at church, and formed his first garage bands in the late seventies, after figuring out that 'chicks dig the guitar.' His social life did increase, but alas, true love has always eluded him......UNTIL a certain green eyed girl bobbed his tail! Gospel and Rock Music did not seem to go well, so RosCo was drafted into country and western bands in the early eighties, playing parties, clubs, backyard barbecues, and the occasional paying gig. After college, RosCo immigrated to Kansas, where he learned how to roadie, and how to drive a forklift, all the while playing in bands and writing songs that only a deaf person could love.

    After leaving Kansas, he headed to Texas for a while, and then migrated back to Oklahoma to play music in more bands. With the advent of the world wide web, RosCo figured out a computer, and started to upload his songs, and actually found some disturbed life forms that enjoyed his noise. In 1992, 'RosCo And The Heads' formed with many great musicians coming and going, and the constant being our hero.  With great glee, RosCo hopes to spread his tunes all over the world, because he has nothing better to do, and quite frankly, 'chicks dig the guitar.'

    The first inklings of recorded lunacy came in the form of cassettes for family and friends. Many an idle hour has been wasted with RosCo and recorder, putting songs to tape, and trying to get rid of some of the noise in his brain, heart, and soul. In 1999, RosCo convinced two unsuspecting musicians to record 'Red Dirt Turff' by Blak Kat Bone, and the compact disc age had begun. The five song CD contained three of his tunes, and the year 2000 saw more mayhem with the release of 'Delta Tributary' which featured seven tunes of Der RosCo. Alas, Blak Kat Bone did not last, even though a planned 2001 release, 'Feast or Famine,' was never realized. Undaunted, RosCo released a solo CD, 'Left Of Center' with all ten songs written and performed by his bad self in 2002, after the breakup of Blak Kat Bone. Unsatisfied with his solo CD, he conned two more unsuspecting musicians, and the RosCo written 10-track 2003 CD release, 'Latimer County Line' by RosCo And The Heads became the fifth CD that ol' Der has been associated with. During an early morning performance with drummer Kenny Puma and bass man Steven Ford, 'Live Resin' was recorded in summer 2004 and a bunch of scratchy demos called 'Rarities, Rejects And Unfinished Business' saw the light of day as well.  2005 saw the release of 'Okie Land' and 2006 produced 'Rectifier' and the critically acclaimed solo acoustic blues mini CD, '4 Blues.' After taking some time off for diabetes related illness, 2011 saw the release of the Lonnie Lay and Paul Gavigan era RosCo and The Heads with the CD, "All Of This And WW III." And 2011 also saw the side project, Zero Radius and Ice Cream Boy release of "Lost In Hartshorne." Another side project, The Blues Farmers, will be released in late 2012 and a new RosCo And The Heads album, "20" should be out by 2013.  Too dumb to quit, or does our hero have a gift for perseverance? Look over this web site, buy a CD, and you decide! And thank God chicks dig the guitar!    

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